About Breakfvst

The idea of Breakfvst was started amongst a small group of family and friends, all in their thirties, who have all known each other for nearly two decades. The group, all parents who live in NYC went away for a weeks vacation aboard a Disney cruise during the summer of 2014 with children in tow. As a way for everyone to keep in touch for pre-travel and for the trip home, a group text was started to share all their info, from flight details, to lunch plans, to check in times and everything in between. Not much more thought was given to this simple form of communication other than it worked and kept everyone on time and up to speed.

The trip was amazing. The group survived great times on the high seas and returned to NYC ready to meet the hustle and bustle of city life. As the following days set in, one thing remained constant, every morning between 7:30am and 9:00am everyones phones were still buzzing on this group text. Instead of "We just landed, in route to port for docking". It was, "Man I wish we were still on vacation". Which eventually turned into everyone having a daily conversation about gripes on commuting, stupid co-workers, what restaurants to hit for lunch, links to the latest viral youtube videos and so on.

It wasn't long after that they started to realize wow I just stepped away for a meeting or my phone died and upon catching up they had missed 150 plus texts. All of which were discussions and links to thoughts, ideas, advice and just funny rambling shit that needed to be shared with others of like mindedness who could either gain some insight on something or just get a really good, much needed chuckle.

So naturally, the bright idea came up in conversation one day . . . Well we're all fairly educated adults with families of our own leading interesting lives in NYC with careers that range from blue collar to white all with a bountiful stash of life experiences, advice and strong opinions that they all felt they'd be willing to share. If only they had a place that was larger than a group text to house all this content and could reach the masses. And so, as the story goes, Breakfvst was born.

Breakfvst is a daily blog. Much like a good breakfast is served hot first thing in the morning to get your day started, we will provide original content articles ranging from entertainment to lifestyle and much more to feed your morning appetite with yummy breakfvst bites. We will from time to time have featured articles from second and third party sites and guest bloggers adding content as well. Like any responsible media source, we will always do our best to accurately identify original sources and authors with link backs to all original content. Hope you enjoy!