McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Launches Nationwide October 6

I know we have all experienced it.  Getting to our local McDonald’s at 10:35am right after the breakfast menu ended.  You are clamoring for a breakfast item and have to settle for an Extra Value Meal!  I mean really, who has a Double Quarter Pounder at  10:45am?!  (FYI:  Not this guy…just saying.)

Well now all you McDonald’s fans can rejoice and even better yet, sleep in!  No more early morning weekend wakeup just to get those McMuffins and hash browns. (SEE MENU BELOW)

McDonald’s is officially launching an all-day breakfast menu nationwide, starting October 6. The chain’s franchisees voted today to bring the program to 14,300 locations across the country. McDonald’s has been testing the program since March in cities like San Diego, Nashville, and in various locales across Mississippi.

Currently, the company does not sell popular items like the Egg McMuffin past 10:30 a.m., citing that there is not enough grill space to cook both burgers and breakfast items. Due to this, the all-day breakfast menu is simplified and limited to a number of “core items,” writes the Wall Street Journal. Customers will be able to buy Egg McMuffins, biscuit sandwiches, hash browns, sausage burritos, and hot cakes beyond the 10:30. However, those hoping for a 3 p.m. McGriddle will still be out of luck.




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