You Might’ve Heard About Marijuana Edibles

Do your math—stick to .25 to 1 gram of dried marijuana per serving!

How to … Make Butter
Most cookbooks agree on a one-to-one ratio: an ounce of weed per pound of butter (divide if not cooking on an industrial scale).

1. Pick out stems and leaves, and grind the marijuana.
2. Boil several cups water. Add butter, melt, and add pot.
3. Cook on low (try a CrockPot for controlled temperature) for an hour or so.
4. Strain with cheesecloth, cool, and refrigerate. The butter and water will separate.
5. Use this butter as you would other butter, in any recipe (cookies work well).

How to … Make Oil
Here the ratio is 1 1/2 cups oil, like canola or even coconut, to an ounce of marijuana.

1. Pick out stems and leaves, and grind.
2. Heat oil slowly on low (no smoke!).
3. Add the marijuana and cook together, for at least a few hours (and up to three days).
4. Strain with cheesecloth.
5. Use oil in place of other oil (this is nice in savory dishes).

How to … Make a Tincture
Use ten grams of marijuana and one 750-ml. bottle of high-proof vodka (like Everclear).

1. “Decarboxylate” your weed by baking it, under foil at 240 degrees, for an hour.
2. When it’s cooled, soak the marijuana in a jar with the vodka. Several days (or up to a week) later, strain.
3. Place the drops in drinks, or directly on your tongue. A couple of drops is plenty.

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