What to do when your FB friend posts something offensive

Source: New Tech City/Piktochar

Facebook isn’t always rainbows and baby photos. The social network has increasingly become a sort of theater for people to display their political thoughts and opinions. New Tech City, a public radio podcast from WNYC in New York, put together this flow chart to help you navigate the trickier posts that show up in your newsfeed.

A New Tech City survey of 300 people found that 30 percent of people have considered unfriending or blocking someone because they post offensive material.

There’s a reason that you may see more posts from people who have strong opinions. According to a Pew Research Center study on social media and political engagement, people who have firmer political ties are more likely than moderates to share something political online.

Despite how some of these posts may make people feel, the New Tech City data shows that most common reaction to an offensive Facebook post is no action at all.

By Lauren Katz [Vox]

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