New York Teams Lost Year In Sports (Except For The New York Rangers)

(NOTE: This rant encompasses the whole year not just the last couple of months.  I know the New York Islanders are tearing it up right now leading the Metropolitan division)

2014.  Only one month left to make a to go in 2014, one more month till misery ends for New York sports fans.  As a fan of many New York sports teams, this year began with highs and lows (Yankees signing “Free Three” and Masahiro Tanaka to Derek Jeter‘s retirement to both New York football teams AGAIN missing the playoffs) to a team carrying the city through the spring (New York Rangers improbable Stanley Cup run) to the disappointment of summer (Mets and Yankees both missing the playoffs).  Fall brought renewed hope as the Jets and Giants began their respective football seasons but those dreams were quickly dashed as both teams stumbled out of the gate and currently have only 5 wins between the two of them.

Wasn’t it not long ago New York was almost on top of the sports world?  There was the 2009 World Series win of the New York Yankees over the despised (by New Yorkers) Philadelphia Phillies.  In 2011, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl defeating the hated New England Patriots AGAIN. In 2012, a new basketball rivalry was started with the Nets moving to Brooklyn and all of New York as well as an entire nation were swept up in a wave of “Linsanity”! The following season the Knicks finished 54-18 and were the 2nd seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

Fast forward to 2014.  Both baseball teams missed the postseason again.  Our football teams?  Eliminated from the playoffs before Thanksgiving.  If it wasn’t for the Rangers run to the Stanley Cup Finals carrying us in the spring, this year would have been really miserable.  I would be remiss to leave out the New York Red Bulls who advanced to the Eastern Conference finals in the MLS.

Many things went wrong.  Alex Rodriguez was using PEDs (wow really?),  Eli Manning turned into an interception machine and who could forget the Butt Fumble?

Will things get better?  As a fellow New York sports fan, I am like the rest of us.  Hope for the best.

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