Is “Frozen 2” Coming to a Theater Near You?

Not ready to “Let It Go?” Apparently no one is. Indeed, a “Frozen” sequel is said to be in the works!

According to The Huffington Post, actress Idina Menzel, who voiced the enigmatic Elsa in the original blockbuster movie, recently hinted the film is coming back to the big screen for a second installment. We already know the wildly popular screenplay is being adapted for the stage.

But Menzel, whose career was launched from the Broadway stage, proclaimed she is not involved in both projects at this time.

“Not the stage show, I don’t know what will happen with that, but the movie hopefully. We’ll see,” the singer said in an interview.

Meanwhile, a “Frozen” short is set to be released this spring.

Having just taken my three girls to see “Frozen on Ice” over the weekend, I can say with certainty that Elsa and Anna fever is far from over. I sat in a giant arena packed to the gills with little girls wearing their Elsa and Anna costumes, while holding Elsa and Anna dolls, and keeping their eyes trained like laser beams on the ice skating princesses below.

So it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Disney would look to further capitalize on the success of the Frozen brand.

That being said, as a parent, I am a teeny tiny bit sick of hearing “Let It Go.” Is that okay to admit? Hopefully the sequel will introduce a few new tunes we can hear ad nauseam. Because for the first time in forever, I am so ready for that. By [Melissa Willets Parenting] [Disney]

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