Woman Accused of Hiding Rolex in Her Vagina Says Wrongly Arrested

Shacarye Tims, 25, was in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Wednesday for allegedly stealing a $6,000 Rolex from a man who went to cops after her initial arrest was reported by the Daily News.

The lawyer for a woman accused of hiding a Rolex watch in her vagina says she’s been wrongly busted for the latest pricey watch heist.

Shacarye Tims was in Brooklyn Criminal Court Wednesday where she was arraigned on charges of stealing a $6,000 Rolex watch, $500 in cash and a bank debit card from the bedroom of a man she slept with in October.

The victim contacted the NYPD after he spotted a photo of Tims in the Daily News after she was arrested for allegedly stealing another Rolex watch from an Australian tourist in a Manhattan hotel room and then hiding the precious timepiece in her vagina, according to defense lawyer David Epstein.

“This matter seems to me to be a big mistake,” Epstein said referring to the Brooklyn arrest.

“Miss Tims got arrested and due to some sensational aspect to her case that made the papers and this guy who I won’t call a gentleman took the services of a prostitute prior to my client being arrested (in Manhattan) and he got ripped off.

“My client was not in Brooklyn that day, in fact, I don’t think she’s ever been in Brooklyn,” Epstein continued.

“This gentleman sees the Daily News and thought this was the girl.”

Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Wilfredo Cotto argued that the defendant, a Georgia native, is no peach.

Tims’ has an “extensive” rap sheet with arrests outside New York and open bench warrants in Decatur and Atlanta, Georgia, the prosecutor said.

In addition, there are surveillance tapes showing Tims leaving the victim’s swanky apartment on DeKalb Ave. with the victim and accompanying him to an HSBC Bank nearby on Flatbush Ave. where he withdrew money before returning to his love shack.

There is also apparently a video of Tims attempting to withdraw money from the bank ATM machine with the victim’s debit card — but Epstein said his client insists she is not the woman depicted in the video.

Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson ordered Tims held on $20,000 bail and issued an order of protection for the victim.

The willowy woman with an apparent felonious fetish for Rolex watches, did not speak in court.

Tims, 25, was arrested Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court where she was supposed to be arraigned on the Oct. 19 theft of an $8,000 Rolex watch from Aussie Brenton Price from his Hoiday Inn hotel room. by John Marzulli [Daily News]

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