Video Captures Eagle’s View as He Soars Into Houston Texans Stadium

Here’s a real bird’s-eye view if an NFL stadium.

An online video captures a true eagle’s eye as a 25-year-old bald eagle named Challenger soars into the Houston Texans stadium during the national anthem.

A camera is placed on the bird’s head and the video shows the crowd at NRG Stadium cheering as the anthem concludes and the eagle flies around the arena before Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He lands on his handler’s glove and quickly looks for his treat.

The American Eagle Foundation, which works to preserve the endangered species, posted the video to educate the public on the “majestic” species’ beauty. Challenger was rescued after being blown out of his nest at 5 weeks old and cannot be released into the wild, the group said. by Joel Landau [Daily News]

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